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New!Wishful Thinking
New!Take Two
New! Homeless Address
New! Perfect Challenge
New! Oil Accupuncture
Horoscope Accuracy
Computer Programming

Legal Advice?

Eavesdropping Question

Height/Weight Accuracy

Lethal Strategy
Penny Pincher
Fast Whiskers
Explosive Comments
Quick Slap
Yes/No Dilemma
Van Went

Baseball Interest>
Insomnia Sign

Economic Aid

Alligator Pain

Devil's Complaint

Yes Man Dilemma
Loophole Noose
Golf Goalie
Even Bet
Pool Points
More Moo or Goo?
Walk in the Park
Government Insurance?
All Dressed Up
Slippery Slope
Poverty Vow
Alternative Fuel
A billion here ...
Count On It
Air Safety
Movie Suggestions
Miracle Birth
Cause or Effect?
Vicious Circle
Kodak Moment
Computer Incentive
Parking or Littering?
Boomerang Return
Job Qualifications
Lecture Review
Gas Up!
Mixed Up World
Opportunity Knocks
Mini Leader
Where's the Beef?
Fix the Mechanic
For A Spell
In the Pink
Inhuman Human
Every Seven Years
Commanding Suggestion
Think About It
Tiny Bubbles
Spicy Recipe
Getaway Agenda
Twirly Girly
Hospital Costs
Boxing Strategy
Wink, Wink
Side Effects
Winging It

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